Couples Therapy

The biggest communication problem is that we do not listen to understand.
We listen to reply.

Couples Therapy

Couples find their way to therapy for various reasons. Many have experienced chronic conflict, a disruptive event, infidelity, or parenting difficulties. Though circumstances differ, most feel disconnected from their partner on some level and unsure of how to restore the connection that once brought a sense of safety and fulfillment. Some couples may feel embarrassed or confused to reach out for professional help due to difficulties in their most intimate relationship. It is not our role to “take sides” however, it is our role to build on individual strengths, challenge destructive behavior patterns thus strengthening the relationship.

We can assist couples by increasing insight into their role in the relationship difficulties, develop and strengthen communication and conflict resolution skills, increase intimacy and trust, navigate the complexities of infidelity, and facilitate the process of “uncoupling” when divorce has been decided. Some common issues prompting couples to seek therapy may include:

– Blended Family Difficulties
– Communication Barriers
– Conflict Resolution Differences
– Divorce Issues
– Infidelity
– Intimacy
– Parenting Skills
– Pre-Marital Concerns

During the therapeutic process, it may become clear that one or both of the partners could benefit from their own individual therapy. It is not uncommon for an individual’s personal difficulties to be negatively impacting the relationship, impeding progress in strengthening the relationship. It may be necessary for your therapist to refer out for individual therapy as they cannot be either partner’s individual therapist. If this is necessary, a decision will be made to continue couples therapy in conjunction with individual therapy or to put a hold on couples therapy. Please remember that in our modern times, we all define “couples” in our own way. All couples are welcome.