Family Therapy

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

Family Therapy

The goal of family therapy is uncovering and understanding individuals’ thoughts, feelings and behaviors within the context of their family. Many times families live in chronic conflict and disconnection due to mental health issues, daily stressors, and unhealthy behavior patterns. Maybe this is due to a disruptive event, life stage difficulties, or loss.

It is our role to assist with identifying and challenging unhealthy patterns of communication and chronic conflict. Through this process, individuals will learn healthy communication, conflict resolution and how to convey respect so that all members experience a sense of belonging and contribution. Common family difficulties may include:

– ADD Difficulties
– Addictions
– Adoption Challenges
– Behavior Disruptions
– Blended Family Difficulties
– Communication Barriers
– Conflict Style Differences
– Divorce Issues
– Grief and Loss
– Life Transitions
– Mental Health Issues
– Parenting Challenges

As we make our way through family therapy, it may become clear that one or more individuals could benefit from their own individual therapy. If this determination is made, your therapist will refer that person to another therapist as they cannot be an individual therapist to anyone in the family unit. Please remember that in our modern times, we define “family” in our own ways. All families are welcome.