Individual Therapy

Your perception will become clear only when you can look into your soul.

Individual Therapy

Everyone has different reasons for seeking therapy and it is likely that their therapeutic experiences will differ. Some are experiencing life changes or stressful situations. Others are struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues. And yet others seem to need help with relationship difficulties or low self-esteem. Therapy can be focused on a specific need or on personal growth. Many times, the reasons that bring you into therapy lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself, improve your ability to manage difficulties, and boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Our role as your therapist will address your “way of being” in this world and how you would like to change that. So often, we view ourselves in the context of others but in individual therapy we get to know you, the individual, with all your strengths, challenges, and fears. We can help you by offering different ways to look at things – perhaps a perspective you have not yet considered, which makes it easier to point you in the right direction and find the solutions you are looking for in life. Some common concerns that bring individuals into therapy may include:

– Adjustment Disorders
– Anxiety
– Career changes
– Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills
– Depression
– Divorce
– Grief and Loss
– Identity issues
– Interpersonal Difficulties
– Life Transitions
– Low self-confidence
– Low self-esteem

While therapy will provide a warm, supportive environment from which you have the opportunity to grow, it is up to you to use the resources that you learn to make lasting change in your life.